SnapDownloader lets you download videos from YouTube and 900 other websites in HD

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So many videos online, so little time. If you want some help downloading videos to your heart’s content from a tremendous number of popular websites — even simultaneously — you might want to try SnapDownloader for free. If you like it, you’ll be glad to know it’s inexpensive and super-easy to use, whether your computer’s operating system is macOS or Windows.

Download from 900-plus websites in up to 8K resolution

With SnapDownloader, you can download your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and many other websites. In fact, it supports more than 900 sites, allowing you to quickly and easily download videos from most of the available platforms, including those mentioned above, plus Reddit, Coub and more. You can also download entire YouTube playlists in MP4 or MP3 formats in just a few steps.

You can use SnapDownloader to grab videos in 8K, 4K, QHD, 1080p HD and other resolutions. That means you can download and watch your favorite videos at the best quality on any device. You can even download virtual reality clips.

It’s convenient that the app also lets you batch videos for simultaneous download from different sites. And when you don’t want to burn too much bandwidth, you can schedule downloads for later dates and times.

Convert to other formats and trim on the fly

Get ready to convert your videos into the format(s) you want with SnapDownloader.
Get ready to convert your videos into the format(s) you want.
Image: SnapDownloader

Often the format you want to watch a video in is not the one it’s in when you download it. With SnapDownloader, you can convert your favorite videos to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMA, AAC and many other formats. You can enjoy listening to audio or watching videos from iPhone, iPad, Mac, smart TVs, PCs, Android or virtually any other device.

SnapDownloader also comes equipped with a video cutter that lets you trim any online video and download only the portion of the video or audio you want to keep. With its intuitive interface, the video trimmer makes cutting online videos easy. For instance, if it’s a 10-minute clip but you only want the choice 10 seconds that made you want the video in the first place, no problem. Trim away. And if all you want is the audio, like a music soundtrack, you can extract it and convert it to your ideal format.

Download video in three easy steps

Here’s how easy it is to use SnapDownloader to download videos from your favorite sites.

  1. Download and install SnapDownloader.
  2. Paste in the video URL to the field provided and click Search.Find the videos you want, then download them.
  3. Select your desired output format and quality, such as 1080p quality in MP4 form.

    Set the video download parameters you desire in SnapDownloader.

  4. Click Download to quickly download the video to your computer.

Try SnapDownloader to download videos for free

Finally, it’s worth noting that SnapDownloader lets you easily set up a proxy within the app to bypass geo-restrictions and download from websites or videos that are blocked in your region.

Price: Free to try; $22.99 for a lifetime personal license on one computer; $39.99 for Family Edition lifetime license on three computers.

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